Man Says Ex Is Better Looking Than His Actual Girlfriend Live On TV

Your Face Or Mine is an absolutely savage show. Luckily, I'm single, but if I had to choose who was fitter between a boyfriend and an ex I'd probably just opt for my fella to avoid getting in the dog house.

This wasn't the case with a bloke called Kaio. After his ex, Sarah, was welcomed by host Jimmy Carr onto the Comedy Central UK show's couch, he was asked whether he would get with her again. He didn't piss around and pretend that he was no longer interested.

"Of course," he replied, before unconvincingly adding: "if I was single."


Mate, you soon will be with that attitude.

You're probably guessing where this is going. He was then asked to choose who was fitter, his current girlfriend, Modina or his ex.

Watch what happened next on the show, which is broadcast on Wednesdays at 8pm:

Credit: Comedy Central UK

Nooooooo! Why?! Honestly, if anyone embarrassed me like that in public, they wouldn't see me for dust. I can't believe his girlfriend just sits there without kicking off. I assume he got an earful when they left the studio.

That's not even the first time we've seen a savaging on the show.

The other week, a guy called Ben and his other half, Stephanie, decided to risk their relationship for the chance to win some money.


It started off alright. Host Katherine Ryan asked the couple how they met and Ben shared quite a nice story about faking an injury in order to talk to her. Kind of sweet, maybe a bit creepy. I don't know, I can't tell anymore.

Anyway, they're then asked about their partner's worst feature and Ben gives the most shocking and mean answer. Luv, dump him immediately...

Credit: Comedy Central UK

You couldn't pay me to go on this show.

Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central/Your Face Or Mine

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