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'Luther' Fans Are Kicking Off After Michael Smiley Tweets Major Spoilers

*Warning, this article contains spoilers*

Luther fans are kicking off on social media after Michael Smiley retweeted some major spoilers following Thursday night's episode.


Viewers have complained of having their 'day ruined' after the actor shared the spoiler before they had chance to catch up on the episode.

Michael shared three different stories on his Twitter which revealed his character, Benny Silver, had been shot and killed by Palmer the hitman, following days of torture.

Credit: BBC
Credit: BBC

Fans who hadn't had chance to catch up on the episode yet replied with fury after finding out his character's fate.

"Wakes up, checks Twitter, first tweet MASSIVE SPOILER," one fan raged, while another fumed: "F*cking spoilers mate."


A third questioned: "How long have you been sitting on this though? You must have read the script months ago and have had to keep it in ever since. Does it ever bubble to the surface, like you're ordering a coffee and the server is like 'what size, Sir' and you blurt out 'BENNY GETS KILLED!!'?"

However, others were simply devastated to hear of Benny's death, with one fan responding: "What? Nooooooo! I have not seen Luther yet (I have to work all the week) I was recording the episodes to watch them all together this Sunday. My heart is broken."

"Ah jaysus Michael, I'm just finished work and about to watch it! They shouldn't have killed you off though. If that is what happened," another added.

Luther continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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