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Love Island Viewers Are Convinced They Spotted Simon Cowell In The Villa Last Night

Twitter is half the fun of Love Island, isn't it? There's nothing like a little ad break scroll to see what everyone's LOLing at, who everyone's hating and the subtleties we might have missed.

And last night Twitter drew our attention to one very big bombshell: Simon Cowell has joined the villa.

See, there he is, working out in the garden, by the weights, with Sherif and Tommy. He's looking in pretty good shape, isn't he?


Of course we're joking, it's not the 59-year-old music mogul, it's just Callum, but the likeness is uncanny isn't it?

Show viewer Beth Mortimer was the first to point out her spot, writing "When did Simon Cowell get into the villa?" and the evidence has been shared thousands of times since.


"Simon Cowell enters the villa to snap up Tommy Fury after hearing his rendition of Hannah Montana," one viewer guessed.

Another made the fair point: "People asking how Simon cowell got in the villa but we all know it ain't him , the trousers ain't up the waste high enough and there's no white t-shirt."

For one person, the mystery man looked more like Liam Gallagher.


TBH, we think it'd be a good idea to chuck Simon in the show to shake things up a bit.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The night before, users of the platform had been venting their frustration that none of the contestants were shouting "I've got a text!" when they got text.

Samira Mighty from last year's show was one of the first to point it, tweeting: "Wait. Why is no one saying "got a text" ... this ain't right ."

One of her fans agreed, saying: "It's actually annoying me lmao."

Another argued it was down to another catchphrase from this year that's being used instead: "Because everyone is too busy saying 'it is what it is'."

As always, thank you Twitter for providing the LOLs.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/ITV

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