It's no secret that ITV's Lorraine Kelly is a big fan of the royals (or at least, she makes it seem that way on telly, anyway).

We've seen her gushing over the Queen and co on several occasions, and she's always on hand to offer a kind word about Britain's most famous family.

It came as no surprise, then, to find that her namesake show was hosting a competition to find the UK's best Meghan Markle lookalike. Yup, that's really a thing.

However, it didn't go quite to plan, and viewers were left furious after watching the segment, with some even branding it 'racist'...

Credit: ITV

Can you see why?


Despite the 36-year-old Suits actress being mixed race, all three finalists in the Lorraine competition are white.

Viewers were quick to pick up on the problem, and took to Twitter to express their anger.

"Trying to find a Meghan Markle lookalike and they're all white girls... ummmm," blasted one.

As another added: "Eh? Lorraine meghan markle lookalike?!!! These girls look nowt like her, more importantly they are all white (sic)!"

"Erm, none of these girls look like Meghan Markle. They're all white... ," chimed in a third.

Other viewers were keen to suggest that none of the contestants look even remotely like Price Harry's girlfriend.

"What is this? A competition to find the person who looks least like Meghan Markle? ," wrote one bemused fan.

With someone else questioning: "Am I missing something or do none of these "lookalikes" even remotely resemble Meghan Markle?!"

Last month Lorraine came under fire for what was dubbed as 'the most awkward interview ever'...

Lorraine herself looked taken aback with what was said live on air, and the show's audience was left perplexed.

Taking to Twitter, one fan blasted: "That interview felt very awkward to watch neither seemed to know what to say and Lorraine isn't usually lost for words."

"Not gonna lie that was an awkward interview didn't know whether he was being jokey or serious," said someone else.


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