Lorraine Kelly is one professional lady, isn't she? If there's one person who can keep cool, calm and collected in the most awkward of situations, it's Lozza, and we love her for it.

However, even the seasoned presenter struggled to keep her cool today, after The Darkness' Justin Hawkins appeared to make her 'uncomfortable' in what's been dubbed as 'the most awkward interview ever'...

Credit: ITV

Pretty weird, right? No wonder the presenting pro appeared a little taken aback with the whole scenario.

And it looks like Lorraine wasn't the only one, as fans rushed to Twitter to slate the interview.

"That interview felt very awkward to watch neither seemed to know what to say and Lorraine isn't usually lost for words," said one viewer.


As another added: "Not gonna lie that was an awkward interview didn't know whether he was being jokey or serious."

Somebody else exclaimed: "Justin Hawkins on Lorraine. He's very awkward to watch."

A fourth suggested: "[Just] saw the most awk interview of all time. Lorraine didn't know how to handle the guy from the darkness [sic]."

But Lorraine isn't the only ITV show to be branded 'awkward', as earlier this week, Phillip Schofield was also subjected to some savage comments after a 'bizarre' mural of him was revealed on This Morning.

In case you need reminding of the portrait in question, here it is...

Credit: ITV

Why the wide face, Phil?

Following the painting's reveal, some fans appeared less than impressed, with several rushing to tell the entire Twittersphere exactly what they thought of the finished piece.

"It's probably a good job that wall's coming down after seeing Phil's eyes," joked one amused viewer.

As another added: "Even with Phillip's dodgy wonky eyes. My stomach hurts so bad, I'm laughing so much."

We do love ya, Schofe, but we won't be buying a copy any time soon.

Rachel Pugh

Rachel Pugh is a Junior Social Editor at PRETTY52. She previously worked as the Overnight TV & Showbiz editor for OK! Online. She started her journalism career in 2014, where she worked on the video desk for the Daily Star and Daily Express. Since then she has worked as a publisher, journalist, copywriter and social media manager on a variety of websites, with subject matters ranging from menswear to pop culture. Contact her – rachel.pugh@pretty52.com

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