Kim Woodburn Storms Off Loose Women After Coleen Nolan Argument

Kim Woodburn stormed off the Loose Women stage this afternoon after an argument with Coleen Nolan.

The How Clean Is Your House? star was reduced to tears as she came face-to-face with Coleen who she had previously labelled a 'two faced maggot'.

Janet Street Porter had attempted to resolve the pairs 18 month feud after they both appeared on Celebrity Big Brother together and became enemies.

However, Kim ended up in tears as she explained the 'bullying' she experienced in the house.

Kim began to speak about her traumatic childhood but was interrupted by Coleen whispering under her breath. She said: "We got this everyday as well."

She then added that Kim 'was going to cry in a minute'. Kim then tried to continue to explain why she had problems coping in the house.

Credit: ITV/Loose Women
Credit: ITV/Loose Women
Kim said: "A brutal rotten childhood. I can't describe what I went through. I went in that house and all the memories of those years came back with the bullying they were doing to me. I was very upset in that house but I pretended I wasn't. They picked on me."

Linda Nolan, who was also on the panel this afternoon said: "We know we've heard it."

The Nolan sister then asked Kim why she went on the show who admitted that she needed the money.

The awkward exchange ended with Kim calling Coleen 'trash' and storming off stage.

ITV/Loose Women
ITV/Loose Women

A representative for Kim told The Sun: "Kim was invited onto Loose Women as she was told Coleen wanted to hold peace talks with her.

"When she arrived this morning, Kim was briefed and told Coleen would speak first and give her reasons for their row. She was told Coleen wanted to bury the hatchet.

"However when Kim walked on set, Coleen refused to speak first and made Kim do all the talking.

"This incident has left Kim incredibly upset and she feels disappointed with what happened."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Loose Women

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