Justin Timberlake Confesses He Once 'Hooked Up' With A Spice Girl

Everyone loves a bit of gossip (don't try and deny it). So just think how pleased we were to share this little gem with you. So, here it is...

Looking very awkward indeed, Justin Timberlake has fessed to 'hooking up' with a Spice Girl. And, yes, he definitely looked like he wanted to cry himself a river.

The 37-year-old singer was forced to make the shocking revelation on The Ellen DeGeneres Show during a game of 'never have I ever'.

We're currently reminiscing to our uni days playing this in the kitchen, the one who suggested it was always a nosy bugger. But, we knew it was dangerous.

Credit: NBC/The Ellen Show
Credit: NBC/The Ellen Show

An embarrassed JT was sat alongside his NSYNC bandmates for the dreaded game when he revealed his secret connection to the girl band, as reported by the Mirror.

"Never have I ever hooked up with a Spice Girl," asked Ellen, who probably didn't think any confessions would come to the surface.

However, the host and the audience were stunned when an unusually quiet Justin failed to deny the statement.

His NSYNC pals all lifted up their 'I have never' paddles, which was expected. And that just left speechless Justin, who wouldn't look anyone in the eye.

And it's super awkward to watch, we can physically feel his pain. We reckon as soon as the interview was over he was off, nowhere to be seen.


The pop star, who is married to actress Jessica Biel, clearly hesitated as he looked down at his hands. They'll be having words when he gets home.

With the help of Ellen, the American singer eventually turned round his panel to 'I have', leaving the rest of his bandmates in hysterics.

Credit: NBC/The Ellen Show
Credit: NBC/The Ellen Show

Unfortunately, for us, he wouldn't reveal which Spice Girl it was. Boring.

Although one of his bandmates, Lance Bass, did shout 'surprise, surprise' which makes us think they all knew.

The rest of NSYNC all admitted to hooking up with someone on the tour bus and Justin seemed relatively happy to admit that one.

Well, which ever one it was, we hope she really did spice up his life. That's enough now.

Featured Image Credit: NBC/PA

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