​John C. Reilly Says He’s Down For A Step Brothers Sequel

It's been 10 years since we watched and laughed as two unemployed, lazy 40-year-olds, who still lived with their parents, accepted the fact that they were about to become family.

All we've ever wanted since watching Step Brothers is a sequel, and it feels like we could finally be getting what we've been wishing for.

John C. Reilly, who played Dale Doback in the comedy, has said that he is 100 per cent down for a sequel.

Speaking on Good Morning America, the actor said: "It requires the cooperation of a few other people but I would love to do another one of those. If possible, yeah."

Credit: ABC News
Credit: ABC News

Now we just need Will Ferrell to agree to becoming Brennan Huff again and we can witness the step brothers hosting another Catalina wine mixer.

John was on a promotional tour for his new film Ralph Breaks the Internet, which is a sequel to Wreck-It Ralph, but now everyone's talking about Step Brothers.

He was asked by Good Morning America host Michael Strahan if there was a movie role in his career he would like to revisit, to which John replied: "I know what you're gonna want me to say, Michael. Step Brothers."

Of course, the audience loved his answer and so did we.

Credit: Columbia Pictures
Credit: Columbia Pictures

Will, who wrote the original film, revealed a possible plot for a sequel last year.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, he said that himself and director Adam McKay had already spoke about the idea.

He revealed that they had dreamt up a storyline where Brennan and Dale retire with their long-suffering parents.

Will said: "We talked about Step Brothers and then Adam and I got sidetracked with other things.

"We had a whole story where John [C. Reilly] and I follow our parents to live in a retirement community and try to convince them that we earned the right to retire as well."

Will is no stranger to a sequel, but he pointed out that fans often think they aren't as good as the original film.

He said: "The entertainment media and fans beg you, and beg you, and beg you for sequels, and then you make it and you definitely have a fraction that's like, 'Well, not as good as the first one'.

"So I guess it's a catch-22. It's a nice catch-22, because people love the movies in the first place."

Featured Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

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