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J.K. Rowling Finally Apologises For The Death Of Dobby The House Elf

The author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, has finally apologised for the death of one of the most popular characters in the books.

I'm talking - of course - about Dobby the House Elf.


Dobby was a weird looking little critter with a heart of gold, whose personal mission in life was to clumsily protect Harry Potter. He died after a knife was thrown at him by Bellatrix Lestrange as he tried to get Harry to safety.

Oddly enough, given that the last few HP books are basically a bloodbath, Dobby's death hit fans of the films and the books the hardest. Perhaps it was his kind nature, or the fact that he was a bizarre elf creature, but people really took to him.

Credit: Warner Brothers
Credit: Warner Brothers

Anyway, today marks 20 years since the Battle of Hogwarts (May 2 1998) and each year, the author takes to Twitter to apologise to her millions of fans for killing off one of their beloved friends in the wizarding world.

This year, she commemorates Dobby, who didn't actually die at the Battle of Hogwarts, but without whom the battle might never have even happened, and the whole world could be under the spell of Lord Voldemort and his evil Death Eaters.

Rowling said on Twitter: "It's that anniversary again. This year, I apologise for killing someone who didn't die during the #BattleofHogwarts, but who laid down his life to save the people who'd win it.


"I refer, of course, to Dobby the house elf."

Well, there you are, Potter fans. Closure, at long last.

This apology has brought the whole trauma of Dobby's death and it seems as if the wounds haven't healed yet for some people.

One twitter user said: "Dobby may have died in the book but he is alive in my heart just like Fred, Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Cedr-I COULD GO ON BUT I'M ON THE VERGE OF TEARS."

This is all very sweet and all, and there is surely a message to be remembered in Dobby's death, but for Christ's sake guys, he was a fictional elf in a book about magic.

It's time to move on with your lives.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Brothers

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