Is there any exciting new crime series coming to Netflix I hear you ask? Well, Christmas has come early you lucky thing!

The guys over at Netflix have just dropped their official trailer for their forthcoming docuseries, Wormwood, which combines fiction and non-fiction as it investigates conspiracy theories surrounding the CIA in the US. It sounds pretty dramatic! You can watch the full official trailer here...

Credit: Netflix

It sounds like a pretty thick plot, however Oscar-winning director, Errol Morris,narrowed it down when speaking to PEOPLE.

He said: "When you boil it all down, there's a room in this hotel on Seventh Avenue in New York overlooking the old Penn Station. Just after Thanksgiving 1953, Frank Olson, an Army scientist, goes out a window 13 floors onto the pavement below. What happened in that room? What in God's name happened in that room?

Credit: Netflix

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"All of Wormwood is an attempt to reconstruct that, to reconstruct the mystery of that black box, the four walls of that room and what transpired," Morris continues. "Was Frank Olson committing suicide, was this an accident or was it something else?"

Credit: Netflix

Olson, whose death is disputed in the series, will be a familiar name to those who follow CIA conspiracy theories, as it was revealed he was secretly dosed with LSD by the CIA in the days leading up his death, back in the 70s.

Olson's son Eric then went on a quest to find out more about what really happened to his his father.

In 2012, the Olson family then vowed to sue the CIA, claiming they were responsible for his death, however the CIA vehemently deny these claims.

The full series will be available from 15th December.

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