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'How The Other Kids Live' Viewers Moved To Tears By Two Brothers

Viewers of new Channel 4 series, How The Other Kids Live, were overcome with emotion by two twin brothers, Billy and Tom Moxon, as the first episode aired last night.

Nine-year-old Billy and his brother Tom, who lives with Down's Syndrome, featured on the show which brings children together from different backgrounds for playdates.


The Moxon twins were introduced to nine-year-old Brendan McNasters and seven-year-old Yasmin Kolawole, who also live in Birmingham close to Billy and Tom's home, but each family leads very different lives.

The twin's mum, Sian Moxon, aired her concerns ahead of their playdate at Brendan's house, telling viewers that she was worried Tom would be left out by the other children.

Credit: Channel 4
Credit: Channel 4

However, she had no need to worry as his caring brother Billy had his back for the entire meeting.

Billy described his twin as being "kind to everyone", and this brotherly connection with echoed by Tom, who called him the "best man alive" to the cameras.

"I often have to look after Tom. Sometimes he tries to run away so I just have to stop him. I have to keep an eye on him," explained Billy. "If he's feeling sad then I'll look after him."


Explaining Tom's condition to the other children, Billy said: "His brain works differently. It's called Down's syndrome."

Credit: Channel 4
Credit: Channel 4

Their strong bond was praised by Channel 4 viewers, who were touched by the heartwarming scenes.

One person tweeted: "#howtheotherkidslive is adorable! The way Billy looks after Tom is precious and when Yasmin said to him 'i wish I had a brother like yours' awhhhh man I'm in tears."

"Aw love this new series #howtheotherkidslive what a beautiful brother Billy is to Tom ! Such a kind loving boy his parents must be so proud," shared somebody else.

While a third wrote: "My heart can't cope with how cute Tom and Billy are."

"Billy is an absolute sweetheart when it comes to Tom. Tears in my eyes," exclaimed a final fan of the Channel 4 show.

Sian opened up on the moments doctors told her that one of the twins, who they conceived through IVF, had Down's Syndrome.

She said: "At the first scan we had, it was fairly brutally delivered actually, we were told, 'There's a problem with one of the babies, there's fluid on the brain, he's going to be severely brain damaged'. It was just horrific.

"When the boys were born and Tom had Down's syndrome we were absolutely thrilled because it's a known condition. He was going to be able to walk, talk, have a great quality of life. It's never been an issue. We're delighted with our family."

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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