Bloody hell! It's been a long time since we've seen an episode of a soap as intense as tonight's Hollyoaks.

For those who haven't been keeping up with the show, tonight's episode had some pretty huge developments as the series' resident murderer, 'Killer Cameron' Campbell found his plans coming apart as the body of his previous victims, Celine McQueen was discovered by Tegan Lomax in a lake.

Credit: Channel 4

The discovery put a grisly twist in the Lomax family's 'quiet holiday' at the lake that Cameron had gatecrashed. After a tense series of questions, Cameron confessed to having murdered Celine, Lockie, Ziggy and Nico claiming to have done so to protect his daughter and former-partner Peri and Leela.

Things all took a turn for the worse when Cameron locked Leela and Peri in the cottage, threatening to burn the whole place to the ground so they could be together. Luckily, Peri's uncle Ste was on hand to rescue them. Unfortunately the rescue attempt didn't go so well and Cameron ended up chasing Leela and Peri through the darkened woods around the property.

Thankfully, Mac and Lisa showed up. The duo had been canoodling in the woods and happened to accidentally hit Cameron with their car, knocking him unconscious. They made the dark decision to flee the scene after seeing what they'd done, but Leela, Peri, Ste and DS Ryan Knight showed up to make sure Cameron was locked up for a long time.

Of course, it wouldn't be Hollyoaks without a serious twist in the tale and that came in the form of the revelation that before his capture Cameron had locked teenage Zack Loveday in his van out of anger after fearing he was the father of Leela's son Daniel. So far it isn't known whether anyone will come to Zack's rescue or he'll be trapped in the van until he dies!

Anyway, fans were absolutely loving the drama and shared their enthusiasm on Twitter:

What did you think of the episode? Were you hoping to see the end of Cameron or would you have preferred it if they'd kept him around for a little longer?

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