Here's Why Janice Was The Real Unsung Hero Of Friends

When it comes to Friends, we're asked time and time again 'who's your favourite?' or 'who's the best character?' and time and time again we hear of the girls who aspired to be Rachel Green, or Chandler Bing because he's so damn funny.

But for some unknown reason, poor old Janice Litman-Goralnik always gets overlooked.

No matter what anyone says, the woman was iconic. From her laugh to her leopard print attire, Janice always gave us something to remember.

First of all, Janice was the only woman that managed to keep worming her way back in to Chandler's life over and over. In season one, we saw Pheobe break up with Janice on Chandler's behalf, but if that wasn't bad enough he then invited her to Monica and Rachel's New Years Eve party, before binning her off the very same night because she was being annoying AF.

Now, we already knew that Chandler was the fussiest man on earth when it came to finding a gal, however Janice kept managing to crawl back in.

In fact, Janice was so damn confident of this fact that when he ended up in bed with her AGAIN and then tried to break up with her on Valentine's Day, she told him it's okay, because knew wasn't the end of their relationship.

If only we all had a bit of her confidence.

Janice also scored major girlfriend points when she found out that Joey wasn't a massive fan of hers and instead of kicking off and trying to make Chandler choose between his girlfriend and his best friend, she went out of her way to spend time with Joey and try and find out what the issue was. What a babe.

Even when Janice and Chandler had long split up, she had no problem in coming back into his life even when he was settled with Monica. One of her all-time best moments has got to be when she broke up with her boyfriend and came round asking if she could stay with Monica and Chandler because she needed to be with 'family'.

But when Chandler and Monica couldn't think of an adequate excuse to say no, Monica comes out and says that Janice can't stay because Chandler still has feelings for her. As if that wasn't painful enough, Janice wishes them both 'a lifetime of happiness' before hugging Chandler and telling him: "You call me when this goes in the pooper." Cheeky.

Just when it looked like things had started to go quiet on the Janice front, we certainly hadn't seen the last of her yet.

When Rachel and Ross were admitted to hospital for Emma's birth, Rachel was getting angrier and angrier as women kept coming in, and then leaving before her. Then in true Friends style... cue Janice! Only Janice could make contraction noises so funny.

In the last few episodes, we saw Chandler and Monica find their perfect home ready to raise the twins, but then there was a huge problem - Janice wanted to buy the house next door.

The only way to get rid of her was to feed her ego yet again by telling her that Chandler was still in love with her, before sharing one last steamy kiss together.


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