​Harry And Sandra Redknapp Appeared On ‘This Morning’ Together

Harry Redknapp and his wife Sandra both appeared on This Morning to chat about Harry's time in the I'm A Celebrity jungle.

As if we didn't think we could love this couple any more, Harry and Sandra appeared on the sofa together and stole all our hearts.

The couple revealed that it was touch and go whether Harry would enter the jungle as Sandra was seriously ill with sepsis in the weeks leading up to the show.

Harry said that he decided to take part in the show after Sandra was feeling better but told producers that he needed to be allowed to leave if she fell ill again.

The couple spoke about Harry's time in the jungle. (Credit: ITV)
The couple spoke about Harry's time in the jungle. (Credit: ITV)

The former football manager explained that he thought his worse fears were coming true during the segment where Sandra surprised him in the jungle.

Originally told the leave the Bush Telegraph to meet a producers Harry said he immediately thought something had happened to his beloved wife.

Speaking about her illness, Harry said: "It was only the last week that Sandra had been a lot better because she'd been really bad.

Harry explained that he almost didn't make it into the jungle. (Credit: ITV)
Harry explained that he almost didn't make it into the jungle. (Credit: ITV)

"It was a really scary illness. Sandra had suddenly been taken ill, luckily she got an ambulance otherwise sitting there in A&E could have gotten really dangerous."

Viewers were quick to praise the couple and some admitted they couldn't cope with how cute they are.

One fan wrote: "Harry and Sandra are too much cuteness." Another added: "Harry and Sandra are melting my heart."

The couple melted fan's hearts. (Credit: ITV)
The couple melted fan's hearts. (Credit: ITV)

Harry also spoke about the time he ran over Sandra's ankle. He said: "I saw Sandra come out the car, went to the back and I saw her go. I looked in my wing mirror, I kept saying to her don't get out the car because there's cars coming.

"She went across so there were cars coming so she backed up, she stood against my back wheel.

"I thought I'm taking up two parking spaces here I better move forward a bit. I didn't go over her foot, half of Sandra's ankle was sliced like bacon."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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