This series of GBBO has been a corker, hasn't it? Yes, I'm willing to admit we all had our reservations when it first hit Channel 4, but it's actually been pretty decent.

Apart from the fact that Yan and Julia have been chucked out of the competition way too early, this season hasn't been half bad.

It's even seen some drama, after a load of viewers took time to complain about this 'dangerous' scene...

Credit: Channel 4

However, it looks like more health and saftey concerns could be on the horizon, as it's been revealed one of the stars has been banned from participating in Dancing on Ice due to health grounds.

Speaking to the Daily Star On Sunday, new judge Prue Leith confessed: "'I was asked if I would do Dancing On Ice. I thought it'd be the perfect way to get fit, lose a lot of weight and learn a new skill.


"I was actually quite excited, but my team said, 'Absolutely not'."

She added: "They told me I was far too old and if I fell over I would break something - and then I thought they were probably right."

Awh, that's a shame. I personally would have loved to see Prue doing a couple of headbangers in some lyrca. That would make for cracking viewing, I'm sure you'll agree.

Credit: BBC

But that's not the only bad news in store for the tent's newest judge,as earlier this month she revealed there's a possibility she won't return next series.

In a chat with The Sun, she confessed: "I'm still hoping Channel 4 will ask me back for the second series. They've asked me about timings and schedules but I've not seen or heard anything about a contract. It could all change, like The X Factor."


A girl can't handle this amount of baking-related stress in such a short amount of time.

Rachel Pugh

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