Noel Fielding could be in quite a bit of trouble with OfCom after a 'fridge prank' received a load of complaints from viewers.

During The Great British Bake Off Sandi Toksvig opened one of the fridges to show Noel hidden inside.

In case you missed it, here's a recap...

Credit: The Great British Bake Off/Channel 4

Yup, that seemingly innocent prank caused OUTRAGE and 24 separate people complained to the communication regulator, reports the Sun.

OfCom told the paper: "We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate."

Viewers took to Twitter to share their anger at the prank...

However, a lot of viewers stuck up for the presenters, with many saying that it's on after 9pm so kids shouldn't be watching anyway...

One viewer summed it up pretty nicely...

It seems Channel 4 can't do right for doing wrong with the new series of GBBO.

At the moment, it's 'Fridge-gate', but a few weeks ago it was people were kicking off about the new advert...

Credit: Channel 4

Don't get me wrong, I love Channel 4. Their quirkiness is what makes them, them. However, it's quite different isn't it? The public weren't sure how to react.

One wrote: "This is already too different for my liking," while another added: "Won't be watching the channel 4 version. I love the Bake Off, it's my favourite show. But I won't watch a watered down, advert filled bad copy."

The bad comments kept coming, with another saying: "With an advert like that, we can only imagine what they have done to our lovely show. NOT for me thank you. I will stick with watching and enjoying the old shows I have on the sky box."

I won't bore you with more bad comments, but everyone was saying that they didn't like it and that Channel 4 had effectively 'ruined' their show. Ouch.


Come on, everyone! It wasn't that bad, surely?! One viewer decided to go against the grain and said: "Well, I quite like the ad. They were never going to follow the same theme. As disappointed as I was to see it go from the Beeb, I'll definitely give it a go ,even though I originally said I wouldn't, but curiosity will get the better of me..."

I love the new series. Maybe everyone needs to 'chill'. But not in a fridge.

Mel Ramsay

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