Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner's New Tattoo Just Dropped A Huge Season 8 Spoiler

Any Game of Thrones might want to proceed with caution as this story contains major season eight spoilers...

For those who don't know, Sophie Turner plays Sansa Stark, one of the few remaining Stark offspring and leader of the pack at Winterfell.

She also orchestrated the death of TV's ultimate snake, Lord Baelish, showing that Sansa, just like lil sis Arya, is not a Stark to be messed with. Not that any Stark is a Stark to be messed with of course.

Filming on the final season has now officially wrapped up, so of course all the cast and crew know exactly just what's going to go down in Westeros next year.

Source: Instagram/gameofthrones
Source: Instagram/gameofthrones

We're not expecting any outright spoilers of course as everyone has to be extremely tight-lipped about the show, but it seems that Sophie may be hinting something pretty big.

Tattoo artist Lauren Winzer recently shared an Instagram post featuring Sophie's new tatt and it's very innnteresting.

The ink features the classic House of Stark sigil, the direwolf.

Underneath are the words: "The pack survives."

Credit: Instagram/laurenwinzer
Credit: Instagram/laurenwinzer

Artist Lauren posted the snap with the caption: "First tattoo back home! Thank you so much for getting this from me @sophiet! Bad *ss!"

Of course the internet has gotten to speculating, and it seems like the Stark family might just make it through the season.


We're all rooting for the Starks to live through whatever cull will be coming next year, but before making conclusions it's important to note that this isn't the first time those words have appeared.

The text appears both in the books and show, most recently cropping up after Littlefinger's death.

Fingers crossed the pack will survive!

Featured Image Credit: PA Images/HBO

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