You could say that The Handmaid's Tale was a remarkable success, if you consider the first series won big at the Golden Globes and the Critics' Choice Awards, all after it's actors bagged an impressive eight, so it would make sense that following that up with a second season could be a little bit intimidating.

Although it does look pretty damn good. Take a look at the sneak peak here...

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Well, it turns out that was in fact the case, as show runner Bruce Miller tells Entertainment: "The biggest barrier of season two was season one.

"You sort of intimidate yourself. But at a certain point, you can't spend all your time second-guessing things. Instead, you just have to remember to try and tell a good story."


Of course, The Handmaid's Tale was made as an adaptation of Margaret Atwood's acclaimed 1985 novel, which we know ended with Elisabeth Moss' Offred becoming pregnant and being taken away to be punished for her rebellion. However, season two will enter into uncharted territory according to Entertainment, although Margaret did have a certain input with it.


Bruce said: "Margaret and I had started to talk about the shape of season two halfway through the first."

The show runner is particularly excited for a scene that shows a handmaids funeral.

He said: "Everything from the design of their costumes to the way they look is so chilling.


"These scenes that are so beautiful, while set in such a terrible place, provide the kind of contrast that makes me happy."

When speaking about working with writer, Lizzie Moss, Bruce said: "Lizzie is such an incredible partner on this with me. Sometimes while writing the scripts, I just really wanted to surprise her.

"She's even better in season two, if you can believe it."

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