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​Get Excited: Here’s What Meryl Streep Will Look Like In Big Little Lies

Spoilers for Big Little Lies season one ahead

Hollywood royalty Meryl Streep will soon be joining fellow acting heavyweights in season two of Big Little Lies, and now we know how she's going to look.


Co-star Nicole Kidman posted a photo of herself and Meryl from their first day together on set, hugging her fictional children as they gather around an iPad.

In the picture, Streep ditches her usual light blonde up-do for a short brown bob. See below:

Credit: InstagramCredit: Instagram

Mary Louise Wright, the character played by Meryl, is the mother-in-law of Nicole's character Celeste.

She joins the family following the death of her son Perry, played by Alexander Skarsgård, in season one.

Given the troubling circumstances of Celeste and Perry's relationship, it will be interesting to see how the two women fare in the new season. Sparks might be flying.


Fans of the show were super excited to see pictures of the pair working together, and were even envious of the boys in the picture.


One wrote on Twitter: "These two kids will always be able to say Nicole Kidman played their mother and Meryl Streep played their grandmother on a tv series and honestly it doesn't get better than this. I'm very jealous of two child re n." [sic]

Nicole announced Meryl would be joining the cast back in January with a sweet Instagram post, writing: "Welcome to the #BigLittleLies family Ms. Streep - can't wait xx."

Credit: HBOCredit: HBO

The two certainly have a lot in common, both having picked up Oscars like it's NBD.

Big Little Liars is no stranger to awards season either, with four Golden Globes and eight Emmys for season one.

That's a lot for season two to live up to, but they're unlikely to struggle with the help of Meryl Streep.

There's no official release date yet, but with filming now definitely underway Big Little Lies 2 is thought to be coming out in 2019. Hurry!

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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