If you were someone who set foot in the cinema at the end of 2009 then you'll probably have seen Avatar. The film was absolutely everywhere and almost everyone in the universe and their dog seems to have seen it at one stage or another. It was one of the first films which made really good use of 3D, and... ummm... that's basically it.

While it was definitely a visually stunning film, there wasn't much in the way of anything else. The acting was passable at best, the script was a mess of clichés and nonsense, and the entire plot was basically just Pocahontas with blue people.

Still, the world that James Cameron and his incredibly talented team of animators created was truly beautiful and plenty of us left the cinema wishing we could take a trip to the fantastical planet of Pandora.

And now, thanks to the incredible Imagineers at Disney's Animal Kingdom, we actually can. They've been working with James Cameron to bring Pandora to life and it looks absolutely incredible. Here's the man himself talking about the new attraction:

Credit: ABC News

The whole thing looks pretty incredible if you ask us and we can't wait to see what else will be in store when the huge new expansion to Disney's Animal Kingdom opens this summer.

We already know that there's going to be some kind of riverboat ride which will allow visitors to see Pandora by night, complete with all the awesome glowing elements that made the movie really pop out of the screen! There's also going to be some kind of flying ride based on the one that Sully takes in the film, and that the experience will finish with a Na'vi shaman who will perform music and dancing for tourists.

Safe to say we're incredibly excited about the idea of seeing all this!

You can see more about the attraction in the following video:

What do you think? Would you be interested in taking a holiday visit to the planet of Pandora? Sound off in the comments!

Jack Rear

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