The Walt Disney Company has confirmed that the live-action remake of Mulan will indeed feature an all Asian cast and will be directed by Niki Caro who famously directed the 2002 critically-acclaimed film Whale Rider.

Caro will have an impressive budget of $100million for the film and she's only the fifth woman director to have a budget that size. Impressive!

Fans are watching eagle-eyed for production updates after there was uproar when a draft script somehow leaked online which revealed a white male love interest. However, this was soon shot down by Disney saying it was nonsense and there's nothing to say that the final script play would look anything like it.

It's said that the cast will be played by an all-Asian cast consisting of mainly Chinese actors... You'd hope so seeing as the story is set entirely in China.

Disney say the film will also be shot on location and features original songs from the 1998 animation. Ooh we're excited! We can't wait.


Featured Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios

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