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Daniel Radcliffe Has Confessed The Harry Potter Actors He Was Secretly Terrified Of

Before being cast as Harry Potter at the tender age of 11, Daniel Radcliffe had never really starred in a big-budget feature film before and so no doubt it must have been a pretty nerve-wracking experience, especially since the rest of the cast was filled with such British acting icons as Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, and Robbie Coltrane.


If we were Daniel, we'd have found it pretty daunting to work with some of those big names too. And over the years Daniel just worked with more and more of them, starring alongside Michael Gambon, Gary Oldman, Helena Bonham-Carter, and David Thewlis.

But speaking to People magazine, Daniel revealed there was one actor who struck fear into him like no other, and to be fair, we're not really surprised:

I remember when I was 15 doing scenes with Ralph for the first time. He was even scarier than Alan (Rickman) was at first.

Alan was super-intimidating to start off with as well, but then you get into it, but Ralph genuinely scared me for a few years.


To be fair, being afraid of the actors behind both Snape and Voldemort is probably fair. It's a real testament to the skill of Ralph and Alan that they were able to strike such fear into the heart of Daniel while they were in character, though to be fair, it must be pretty scary to work with such legends even when they're not playing the characters who haunted all our nightmares when we were kids.

Was there anyone in the Harry Potter films that you'd have been absolutely petrified of if you'd had to work with them? Let us know in the comments!

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