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Couple Put Their Relationship To The Test By Dating Other People For One Night Only

A brave couple have put their relationship to the ultimate test by giving each other a 'free pass' to date other people for one night only.

New BBC Three series Just One Night sets couples up with their 'ideal match on paper' to see if they will stay faithful to their current partner or ditch them when something 'better' comes along.


The first episode, which went online on Friday, sees couple Bonnie, 22, and Stevie, 23, from north London, put their four-year relationship to the test.

The couple originally met on Tinder but claim to have hit a crossroads because Bonnie thinks they should move in together but Stevie isn't so sure.

"No matter how good you've got it, there's always that bit of doubt of whether there is somebody out there that you haven't quite met but would like to," Stevie confessed.

Credit: BBC Three
Credit: BBC Three

His honesty makes girlfriend Bonnie feel insecure about their relationship and she responds by saying she doesn't want to "waste her time" if Stevie is unsure about being with her.

To put their relationship to the ultimate test they sign up to date someone well-matched to them to see how they feel.


Stevie is partnered with Shannon, 23, from Gloucestershire, who has been single for eight months, and who Stevie describes as a "bit of a sort".

Credit: Just One Night
Credit: Just One Night

Bonnie on the other hand is signed up to go on a date with 25-year-old Moses who has been single for a year.

Shannon shows up to the east London bar in a revealing red dress on Stevie's date and Bonnie - who is sitting at the bar watching everything as she waits for for Moses - says she would "never wear" the outfit herself.

Bonnie sends her friend a message to voice her insecurities saying: "She's like a skinner version of me".

Credit: BBC Three
Credit: BBC Three

Wowed by his date's outfit, Stevie texts his friend to say she's his type "to a T".

"She's a bit of a sort. Bonnie is amazing to me, but this girl is very pretty," he admits.

Meanwhile things are looking up for Bonnie as her date Moses arrives and is "full of charm and banter" - while he calls her "a catch."

Credit: BBC Three
Credit: BBC Three

The pair hit it off with Stevie watching before heading off to an Italian restaurant.

Bonnie is impressed that Moses would "respect a girl a lot and do whatever it takes to keep that girl" - something she thinks is missing in her and Stevie's relationship.

Meanwhile, Stevie and Shannon discover they have a lot of things in common: a favourite city, pizza topping and car.

He also admits he'd rather have a night out with his guy friends over staying in with his current girlfriend. Ouch.

Stevie reveals he is "interested" in Shannon at that point in time, and his new date points out that if he and Bonnie were so in love, he wouldn't want to date someone else.

Credit: BBC Three
Credit: BBC Three

The couple meet the following morning to compare notes, with Stevie confessing: 'If I was single and she did ask me out, I would say yeah.'

But he adds: 'Just because she was pretty and blonde and had a good personality, her personality was not yours. What I've realised is that I need to better behaved in a way that I don't give you anything to worry about.

'I'm completely devoted to you and I do want to take our relationship to the next level.'

At the end of the experiment, the couple kiss and make up, before discussing plans to move in together.

Don't you just love a happy ending?

Just One Night is available to watch now on BBC Three via BBC iPlayer.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: BBC Three

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