After gaining the public's sympathy on Celebrity Big Brother's launch night after being 'edited out' by her fellow housemates, meaning that she would not be given her possessions, excluded from house activities and forced to wear a beige hoodie, Stacy Francis has now become public enemy number one after the comments she made on last night's show.

Credit: Channel 5

Coleen Nolan, James Jordan and Stacy were sat in the garden discussing which bed Ray J would choose to sleep in. To Stacy's surprise, it was mentioned that Ray J didn't want to share a bed with Brandon Block and would bunk with Austin Armacost instead, to which Stacy relied:

So, Ray didn't wanna sleep with Brandon? But he would sleep with a gay boy?

Former Strictly Come Dancing professional, James, then asked Stacy to repeat herself.

You can watch the moment it happened below.

Credit: Channel 5

"He wanna sleep with the... the boy that wants to... the gay boy," she said.

James then asked Stacy to repeat herself yet again, to which he replied, "Isn't Austin gay? So, [Ray J] is Okay with that?"

After Coleen and James both said that they wouldn't mind sharing a bed with Austin, Stacy added, "I know. I'm being sarcastic. Oh my God. Everybody's so serious. Oh my God."

People took to Twitter to voice their anger.

But not everyone took offence at Stacy's comment.

A spokesperson for the show revealed that Stacy has since been warned about her language:

As part of standard procedures, Big Brother often reminds housemates that language in the house can raise concerns and this was discussed with Stacy.

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