Bride Of Chucky Jennifer Tilly Isn't Impressed With 'Child's Play' Reboot

After months of speculation, the first trailer for the Child's Play reboot is here, but not everyone is impressed...

Director Lars Kleberg is bringing Chucky to a whole new generation - albeit without the involvement of original series creator Don Mancini - but this time the evil killer doll has got a fancy high-tech spin.

Although we're not exactly sure how this modern fangled version of the classic horror will pan out, the trailer does give some insight as we see the sinister doll scanning the face of his new owner, which is far a cry from the Chucky we knew from 1989.

Bride of Chucky
Bride of Chucky

Yes, the Good Guy Dolls from the classic have been rebranded as 'Buddi' dolls - however, it seems the manufacturers forgot to adjust the setting on this one from 'evil' to 'good'.

However, there's one person in particular who is less than impressed by the reboot, and that's the Bride of Chucky herself, Jennifer Tilly.

After the trailer dropped, Jennifer said she wouldn't be watching the film, posting a tweet with the hashtag #NotMyChucky.

And she's not the only one who isn't too impressed with this robotic version of the murderous doll.

One person said: "The new Child's Play trailer looks fine, but I still don't feel good about this being made. @RealDonMancini created Chucky, wrote every movie, directed the past few, and the series is still alive. He didn't want them to make this but they're doing it anyway. That's disrespectful."

Others seemed more concerned that the character who haunted their childhood nightmares would be making a return to the big screen.

One person said: "Ugh my childhood nightmare is back!!!!!!"

"Between the Pet Sematary reboot and the Child's Play reboot, it's like the nightmares of my childhood are coming back to haunt me," another said.

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