Bradley Walsh Admits He's Never Seen 'The Simpsons' During 'The Chase'

Bradley Walsh left The Chase viewers speechless on Monday when he revealed he'd never seen a single episode of The Simpsons.

The 58-year-old TV host made the shock confession to contestant Jean and chaser Mark 'The Beast' Labbett when a question about the FOX cartoon came up.

"In The Simpsons, which character has the catchphrase 'Excellent'?" Bradley asked.

Obviously anyone who's ever watched the iconic cartoon knows it is in fact Mr Burns who rubs his hands together and says 'excellent' in an evil fashion.

But Bradley had no idea, admitting: "I've never seen The Simpsons."

Yep, it is pretty hard to understand how Bradley has managed to avoid watching The Simpsons considering it's quite literally on our televisions every day on one channel or another. Although we suspect Bradley is more used to be being on the TV screen, rather than sat in front of it.

Unlike Bradders, it seems The Beast is well acquainted with the programme, as he argued: "Charles Montgomery Burns, in my opinion, is the finest villain on television."

We'd have to agree with that one.

The Chase continues on ITV on weekdays every day at 5pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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