'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' Has A Secret Alternative Ending

Black Mirror has revolutionised the way in which we can watch television with its interactive film, Bandersnatch, but it turns out there's another alternative secret ending.

Fans of the dystopian series have spent hours on end going over the film, selecting different options to reach the many different endings on offer.

Some viewers may have even stumbled across one of the film's biggest secrets by accident, which is just what happened to The Wrap, who discovered a hidden scene that followed the closing credits and it's been described as 'downright fascinating.'

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

If anyone hasn't seen or taken part in Bandersnatch then we suggest you look away now because there's some serious spoilers coming up.

According to The Wrap, Stefan is back on the bus he travelled on earlier in the film when he visited Tuckersoft for the first time.

But, instead of choosing what music Stefan should listen to on his journey, he gets out his finished game Bandersnatch which then plays some unpleasant sounds which you can listen to here, if you really want.

Most people who came across the scene couldn't understand the sounds, but some clever person worked out it's actually data with the tape being for a ZX Spectrum computer just like the one we saw Stefan working on earlier in the film.

When they put the audio through that particular machine, it produced a mysterious QR code. If you scan the code, it will take you to a previously unused page on the Tuckersoft site, which shows the covers of the games the company released.

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

If you click on each of the covers you are directed to a page which tells you about the game with Nohzdyve's being the most interesting as you can actually download the game itself and play it.

To be able to download the games, you may need to download app called Spectacol but that should work a treat.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Emma Rosemurgey

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