Big Brother is always changing the game and adapting its strategies to keep things interesting. We've had all manner of twists and quirks over the course of the show's sixteen year span, but the upcoming idea for the latest twist is probably the most exciting one yet.

Nothing has been announced officially yet but Channel 5 are currently looking for contestants and they've released a casting call asking for couples and pairs, rather than individuals:

We're on the lookout for outgoing pairs with strong opinions and stand out personalities from across the UK!
You can apply with anyone you consider to be family - all welcome to apply!

Oh snap.


Okay, so this isn't necessarily a huge reveal, but it does open up a tonne of intriguing possibilities. Obviously people could be voted off in pairs rather than just by themselves which would definitely add an extra element when it came to tactical voting.

Or what if two people went on the show as a couple and one of them was voted off in the first week while the other was forced to remain in the house without them? Would new relationships be formed and broken?

Considering the massive attention that was afforded to Celebrity Big Brother in the wake of the Steph Davis-Jeremy McConnell-Sam Reece love triangle, this formula seems the ideal way to ensure that there are plenty of juicy scandals, affairs, arguments, and new-found friendships.

Credit: Channel 5

Safe to say, we're pretty excited about the whole thing!

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

Jack Rear

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