If you've been watching this years Britain's Got Talent, then you'll no doubt have seen the talented dance duo Ali and Grace.

The couple performed in Tuesday nights semi-finals, making it into the top three, before getting knocked out by 8-year-old magician Issy Simpson and comedy magician Matt Edmunds.

However, despite their success on the show, bosses at BGT have issued a warning to sixteen-year-old Ali Rasul over allegedly racist and sexist tweets.

This stemmed from social media posts referring to girls as 'sl*gs' and a twit-pic of an unknown black woman with the hashtag '#blackfriaday'. The teen also made offensive comments about the female menstrual cycle and the way in which young women pose in photos.

The posts are dated between July and November 2016.

One tweet apparently read:

Hate it how girls have periods, all they do is moan and take there mood out on you.

Whilst another said:

Hate it how lasses stick there arses out on photos to get more likes #sl*gs

Although we can all agree that these tweets are not cool, it looks like the contestant has taken responsibility for his actions, recognising that what he said was out of line.

A source told the Metro:

Ali is a teenage boy with many social media accounts but would never wish to cause offence with any of his posts. He recognises that one Snapshot screenshot in particular was inappropriate and BGT have reprimanded him for that.


Credit: ITV

The talent programme has decided to overlook the incident on this particular occasion due to the young age of the dancer. Saying:

Like many teenagers, he made a mistake but has learnt his lesson.

All of us need to be more respectful on social media because this is proof that it can come back to bite you.

Words by Stephanie Shaw

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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