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Joe Swash Has Just Been Rushed To Hospital From I'm A Celebrity Camp

I'm A Celebrity... Extra Camp presenter Joe Swash ended up in A&E yesterday after getting a cockroach stuck in his ear.

To make the ordeal even worse Joe was told by doctors that they were unable to get the creepy crawly out of his ear and he would have to wait 24 hours to see a specialist.

Joe shared the news with his Instagram followers after finishing filming on Sunday 25 November.


Speaking to the camera he said: "So just on the way to hospital to get a cockroach sucked out of my ear. All the perks of this job, eh?"

He then added: "Just walking up to the hospital. Still can't believe I've got an animal living in me earhole. Don't make yourself at home, son - you're coming out."

Joe also kept his fans up to date with his wait in A&E and a couple of hours later said: "Some things never change, do they? Still in the hospital, still waiting. We actually thought it would be quicker [out here]. It's not."

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As if the long wait wasn't bad enough Joe then returned to social media to let his followers know that the bug couldn't be removed from his ear.


He said: "Just got out the hospital, doctors said they can't get the cockroach out of my ear.

"I've got to see a specialist tomorrow so they can use some special equipment on it. Which means this little cockroach has had another free board in my ear.

"He owes me a lot of rent."

Both Joe and Joel have paid the hospital a visit this week. (Credit: ITV)
Both Joe and Joel have paid the hospital a visit this week. (Credit: ITV)

Joel posted a picture of himself receiving treatment in hospital as he revealed why he missed Tuesday nights show.

The jungle was pretty windy early last week and props were being blown around the set with one hitting Joel in the head.

This resulted in him having seven stitches and having to wear a huge bandage across his head.

Joel explained on Instagram that he was wearing co-host Scarlett Moffat's hoodie during the incident and apologised to her for getting blood on it.

He said: "I'm OK, got this cartoon bandage on and I was wearing Scarlett's hoodie, which I got blood all over. Sorry Scarlett, I will wash it!"

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Instagram/Joe Swash

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