One of the worst things about living in the U.K, minus the ever rainy weather, is that we always seem to get everything last over here. Whether it is cult make-up products or clothing lines, it seems like there is always a HUGE delay. Even KUWTK is a week later over here. It's so annoying!

The only thing we've had the privilege of having first is Love Island, and there isn't anything else like it ATM in the U.K. But of course, the States are trying to nick it from us and re-launch their own version!


Apparently, US TV bosses watched the 2017 show and were so impressed with it that they have decided to reboot it over there. Everyone was obsessed with this year's series that I'm not surprised TBH.

The name won't be the same though, and instead it will be called Temptation Island. Doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?

Speaking to The Sun Online, a top Hollywood reality show producer, David Weintraub explained: "Being that Love Island is doing so well, the big hit show Temptation Island is back in production at Fox.

"It's going to be a reboot of the original one, but a much more updated version of the show."

He continued: "Dating shows are making a big comeback right now [in the US] and Temptation Island was always a controversial show that people enjoyed watching."

Like they did on this series, the contestants will have mobile phones, and be using social media, a bid to make the show more successful.

Credit: Temptation Island/FOX

Temptation Island originally ran for 3 years way back in 2001. Existing couples were sent to opposite sides of an island to live with sexy models. Oooh. Sounds nothing like Love Island though.

From Temptation Island, Temptation Hotel was born, which followed a very similar format to the show we've come to love. So maybe we didn't do it first then.

Anyway, I don't think the U.S will ever be able to make a show as good as this years.

Remember when they played licence to swill?

Credit: Love Island/ITV2

So brutal!

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