This Instagram Account Is Calling Out The World's Ugliest Shoes

It's true. Crocs might have had a (somewhat questionable) moment in 2018, but you haven't seen anything yet.

London-based fashion fan Rebel Royale began compiling her guide to the world's ugliest shoes on Instagram in 2017 and since then has continued to investigate "shoe-based offences" in fashion.

The account @crimesagainstshoemanity does exactly what it says on the tin: sole-searching for shoes on the internet and in real llife that truly plumb the depths of bad taste, and make founder Rebel feel "personally attacked".

Here are some of the worst atrocities that @crimesagainstshoemanity has uncovered:

Thigh-high boots designed to look like oddly-shaped bare feet.

Some inexplicable shoe-on-shoe action - why settle for one pair when you could wear two at the same time?

These vulva-inspired sandal/boot hybrids.

Don't worry guys - you're not immune to the foot-based felonies. Looks like somebody took Jimmy Nail's 'Crocodile Shoes' hit too seriously. Sure to distract from your winter pedicure hiatus.

And last, but sadly not least, the Molar Mule, studded with what appear to be real human teeth. It's like Ed Gein and Jimmy Choo had a terrifying baby.

Fascinated by crimes against feet? Follow @crimesagainstshoemanity for more.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/CRIMES AGAINST SHOEMANITY

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