Nelly's hit 'Dilemma', featuring Kelly Rowland, is a piece of R&B royalty, but why the heck does Kelly Rowland try and use a spreadsheet to text her man in the video?

She puts: 'Where you at? Holla when you get this" into Excel and it never made sense.

This has, of course, been immortalised in the form of a meme.

She was mad that Nelly didn't text back to it. To be fair, that might just be because Excel doesn't have any communication features, so it'd be pretty difficult for him to see it. The most important thing is she gets annoyed because the man doesn't reply to one message. High maintenance much?

Here's the clip so you can quench your desire to know what all of this is about...

Credit: Vevo

Now Nelly has spoken out like a confession to a Catholic priest.

He told Channel 10: "That was the thing at the time. That was the new technology at the time. It looks a little dated now, I can see that."

Here he is talking about it...

Credit: Channel 10

The track was released in 2002 and, as we all had a Nokia 8310 in 2002, we can categorically state that this was not the technology of the time, so what's the tea, Nelly?

Apparently you can actually do this, but why would you when you're Kelly Rowland? You have enough money to buy a mobile phone.

Why would you even want to use a spreadsheet? They're the bane of many people's lives (mine included). They are purely used to make people who are no good at their job look organised and on top of things. They do nothing. Excel should be banned from all existence.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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