Behind every song there is a story, and the narrative which inspired Outkast's 'Ms. Jackson' is based on an extremely turbulent period in the hip hop artist's life. You can listen to the track below.

Written back in 2000, the hit is about André 3000 - real name André Lauren Benjamin's - relationship with Erykah Badu, the daughter of Ms. Jackson - real name Kolleen Wright.

André 3000/Credit: PA

André had a child with Erykah out of wedlock, and the song was written by André in an attempt to share his side of the story as he believed that he was being made to look like a bad father, and being kept away from his own child on purpose.

Erykah Badu/Credit: PA

Speaking on Rap Radar earlier this month, Erykah Badu discussed how her mum reacted to the song, and it's amazing:

How did my mama feel? Baby, she bought herself a 'Ms. Jackson' license plate. She had the mug, she had the ink pen, she had the headband, everything. That's who loved it.
And Erykah's reaction?

It hit kind of a sore spot. I didn't wanna hear that, especially when I heard Big Boi's verse. When I heard Andre's verse, I felt very good because his verse was really, really inspiring.

He just said how he felt, and it was his honest feelings. And I always respected that and listened to what he felt and appreciated it.
Despite previous grievances, the former couple have managed to rebuild their friendship, and Erykah shared this update about their son earlier this year.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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