Ed Sheeran hit the headlines when he had two of his songs, 'Castle on the Hill' and 'Shape of You' in the charts at the same time, vying for number one, as well as the rest of his album in the charts too.

He's one of the most hardworking singer songwriters around - even when he took a year off it didn't feel that long as his music is everywhere! His songs are so distinctive they're instantly recognisable, but can you name the songs he's collaborated with other artists on?

It's like when you find out that Dolly Parton wrote Whitney Houston's biggest hit, 'I Will Always Love You' - mind is blown. How does Ed Sheeran even have the time to be writing music for other people?!

One of Ed's first biggest collaborations was with superstar Taylor Swift. Remember when she did country/pop music? Ah, how times have changed! His collaboration with her made him super famous.

Well about five years ago, she and Ed wrote Everything Has Changed and went on tour together.

And remember this little number? That's right, Ed Sheeran wrote this song along with producer Benny Blanco for Justin Bieber.

The song was originally written for Ed's third album, but we can all agree Biebs took it to another level.

And more recently, Ed has written something with The Weeknd. Apparently when the two first met, they got a bit drunk and started jamming.

And this is the result. It seems like Ed is going in a different direction - I love The Weeknd, he's super edgy and cool, two things that Ed isn't.

Gosh, when I started drinking, gibberish comes out, not music. The Weekend called Ed the most talent songwriter he has ever met. High praise!

Ed Sheeran wrote this song for Hilary Duff in 2015. He even produced it and provided the backing vocals - he's a bit of a perfectionist. It was her first song in eight years and he got her out of bed at midnight to record the song.

"He had been doing a promo day in L.A. and he's like, 'I know you have a 2-year-old, but could you please come and record at midnight?' " Hilary told MTV. "I was like, 'I've already been in bed for three hours by midnight on most nights,' but of course for him I did, and I'm such a huge fan - he's so talented."

It took only two hours to record.

Ok this one isn't exactly the same. Ed didn't write the song, but he did provide the backing vocals. He layered his vocals to make it sound like Jessie was backed up by a 20-strong choir.

She was full of compliments for him too. "It was such a pleasure to work with him because he is ridiculously talented," Ware told The Daily Star at the time. "I feel lucky that I got a glimpse of him in the flesh writing a song. I have nothing but love and admiration. He's prolific and will be around forever."

And Ed Sheeran kept this one in the family. Did you know that Alonestar aka Jethro Sheeran was his cousin? So it makes sense that he would help out his cousin and write and feature on one of his tracks.

And of course, you must have known that he wrote this soppy ballad for One Direction?

He was only seventeen years old when he wrote 'Little Things', but as soon as the demo was played for the 1D crew, they knew that they had to have it on their second album.

Apparently it has Ed's favourite line in it out of all the songs he has written. I wonder which lyric it is?

Written by Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: PA

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