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This Harry Potter Lamp Will Give You Serious Feels Whenever You Turn It On

If you ever want to make a Harry Potter fan emotional then you'll only need one word: 'always'. The term will bring to the mind of any Potter fanatic the heart-wrenching moment where we found out Professor Snape's backstory, and learned the truth about his heroism.

The story was revealed to Harry in a memory that he collected from a dying Snape who'd just been critically wounded by Voldemort. In it, Harry learned that Snape and his mother, Lily Potter, had been childhood friends, eventually going to school together. While they ended up in separate houses at Hogwarts, the duo remained friends until James Potter's bullying became too much for Snape to handle and he embraced his darker tendencies.

When Lily and James were murdered by Voldemort when Harry was a baby, Snape was the first person to discover their bodies and he wept for Lily, having harboured an unrequited love for her ever since their first meeting. When Dumbledore asked whether Snape still had feelings towards Lily 'after all this time', Snape replied 'always'.


It turns out it was Snape's love for Lily that had lead him to act as a double agent to Voldemort.

That emotional story has been immortalized into a gorgeous lamp by the Harry Potter fans over at ThinkGeek. The metal lamp will cast a shadow of Snape's doe Patronus with the word 'Always' underneath it when it is turned on.

The lamp is $49.99 which is roughly about £40.50, and yes, they do ship to the UK!

What do you think? Do you know anyone who'd love one of these? Why not give them a cheeky tag in the comments!

All Image Credits: ThinkGeek

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