Primark's Harry Potter collection is quite possibly the highlight of my 2017. Obviously I've had many exciting things happen to me this year, but one stand out thing I will remember when I look back at this year will be the day I kitted out my entire bedroom with Hogwarts themed goodies.


From gorgeous bedsets to onesies, the full collection is quite possibly the cosiest thing I ever seen, but now Primark have introduced the one item we've all been waiting for. Our very own Hedwig - in the form of a pillow. I know, sounds amazing.

If you're like me, and have wanted your very own Hedwig since the day you first heard about him then Primark may have just answered your dreams. Obviously this one won't be able to hoot back at you, or even deliver any of your post to pals but lets be real, who posts anything these days anyways?


The only downside is that apparently, according to Primark, it's only available in Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. BUT I'm sure if we all join together and beg them really nicely to bring it on over to good old GB, they'll hear our pleas and accept. Failing that, if you know anyone who's going on holiday in the next few weeks you could always get them to smuggle one back for you (and me too, please).

BRB, off to Primark to get my new furry friend.

Featured Image Credit: Primark / Warner Bros

Katey Roberts

Katey is the Junior Social Editor of PRETTY52. She recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, with a degree in Film and Media and her expertise is in entertainment news and celebrity culture. Contact her -

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