Emotions were high on Wednesday night's episode of Love Island, which sadly saw the end of Chris and Olivia's relationship. The couple called it quits following one row too many in the villa.

There was lots of tears and lots of tantrums from the duo as they argued it out in one of the dressing rooms, which we often see the Islanders getting dolled up in before the evening tasks.

Credit: Love Island/ITV2

Olivia was absolutely fuming that Chris dared to AGREE with her that the relationship wasn't working as they weren't compatible, which for some reason seemed to make her see red.

"How can you change your mind overnight?" demanded Olivia. "You're contradicting everything you said because I had a wobble. Why are you feeding back my own words to me?"

Chris replied: "How are you trying to make out it's me who's a headf**k when it's not?' I'm facing these facts because we're worlds apart. Because I've just realised."

Credit: ITV2/Love Island

"I wish I hadn't spent the last two weeks trying to make it work with you", she fumed back. "All the sh*t that comes out of your mouth. It's okay for you to say mean things, but not me! F**king get me out of here! I can't deal with this!"

But amidst all the drama, there was one lighthearted moment which you might have missed.

As Liv bangs on at him, Chris hilariously starts fixing his hair in one of the mirrors.

Just what you do when you're being broken up with. I doubt that will have made the situation better.

Viewers of the show tweeted their delight at Chris' actions.

You can watch another argument between Chris and Olivia as they bicker over what to put in their spag bol.

Credit: ITV2/Love Island/Youtube

Oh guys.

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