Lotus Has Released Biscoff & Go And It's The Snack You Need

There is arguably nothing better than discovering that one of your favourite tasty treats has been transformed into something extra special to tantalise your taste buds with.

One of those things is Biscoff - the beautiful caramel biscuit and spread makers of the world. So far we've been treated to their cookie butter spread, ice cream, and general biscuits to enjoy with your coffee.

But have you seen that you can now get them in a handy dunk and go form? You know, a bit like the Dairylea Dunkers, or the Nutella Go pots.

Credit: Instagram @thejunkfoodaisle
Credit: Instagram @thejunkfoodaisle

The tasty new vegan and nut free edition appears to only be in America, but considering Biscoff is well loved over here in the UK, it's only a matter of time before they'll be on our shelves.

Failing that, if you and your friends pool together it looks like you can get quite a lot of the delicious treats shipped internationally straight to your door.

Or wait until it's released here - your choice.

Lovers of the deliciousness that is Biscoff may also be pretty happy to hear that the caramel biscuits and spread also exist in ice cream form.

That's right, there is huge tubs of the stuff to get your spoon stuck into, as well as individual ice creams on sticks, if you are not a fan of sharing!

It's not a brand new addition to the yummy line, as its arrival was announced on Netherlands' official Lotus website back in April 2017.

And, you may have already guessed, but it doesn't look like the Biscoff ice cream is available in the UK, yet.

Saying that, you can purchase a tub for approximately £4.24 from this supermarket in Belgium.

Trip to Europe, anyone?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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