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Zac Efron Has Dyed His Hair Platinum Blonde And It's His Strongest Look Yet

Zac Efron has debuted platinum blonde locks in an Instagram snap of him rock climbing.

Let's be honest, Zac could probably pull off any hair 'do, but this is arguably his strongest look yet.


Posting a picture of himself harnessed up and swinging from a rock climbing wall, the High School Musical star wrote: "No Free Solo".

It seems like this casual style change is no biggie for the actor as he kept it mostly covered up with a beanie hat.

But his bright blonde tresses could be seen poking out from underneath the hat, and fans are ready to make a big deal out of it even if Zac isn't.

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No Free Solo
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Compliments quickly flooded in, and one fan wrote: "Oh yes. He could probably pull off any colour to be honest."

Another added: "Oh man, my ovaries just went crazy with that hair colour and facial hair. Sorry...not sorry."


A third said: "As if I thought he couldn't get anymore attractive."

However, not everyone was too happy about the dramatic hairstyle change.

One Twitter user wrote: "If Zac Efron dyes his hair platinum blonde one more time I'm throwing hands."

Another echoed: "Who told Zac Efron he should dye his hair blonde again? Smh."

It seems like the blonde is a pretty permanent 'do as more pictures have been shared online.

This isn't the first time Zac has tried a new look.

In 2016, Zac had blonde highlights added to his brown hair for his role in Baywatch.

And last summer he also tried out frosted tips, putting a modern twist on the nineties look synonymous with the likes of David Beckham and Justin Timberlake.

Zac grew out his beard at the end of last year, debuting the look on Instagram in a picture showing him smouldering into the distance while reining in a pony.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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