Former X Factor star, Christopher Maloney, reveals that 'no-one heard his cries' after being locked overnight in a Holiday Inn Express toilet.

The singer admitted that the ordeal left him having 'panic attacks throughout the night' after the door handle fell off the toilet and subsequently locked him inside.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Christopher said: ""I started having a panic attack, it was getting hot, the heater was on and there were no windows."

"I knew I needed to calm down because I just kept thinking there's no air in here it's starting to go!

"I was banging and screaming for over an hour, but no one heard my cries for help, my hands were red and bruises started to show up I was banging that hard."

He is currently travelling around the county on a 42-date tour.

He continued: ""I can see the funny side of it now and laugh but at the time it was so scary.

"I'm claustrophobic as well and I was dying for a ciggie so that made it even worse. Normally my phone is glued to my hip, I was fuming it was the one time it wasn't."

Luckily he managed to get help when a next-door room had heard his distress calls.

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Channel 5

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