The Geordie Shore girls are no strangers to cosmetic enhancements. From breast enlargements to lip fillers, all of the show's current and former ladies have paid a visit to their surgeon more than once.

And that has led some people to believe that Holly Hagan has forked out for a derrière lift.

The 24-year-old shared a number of photos from her New Year's Eve celebrations, and some people were sceptical about her incredibly perky booty.

'Duude what happened to you? The ass...looks all wrong', commented one person, while another wrote, '100% fake!!'

Another person said, 'I know she's always had a toosh but it looks bigger than usual'.

Credit: Instagram

Luckily for Holly, her fans were on hand to lend their support.

'She's probably got those padded knickers on', said one person, while another wrote, 'Why is everyone even thinking she had surgery. This is what a good dress and pose does'.

Another person added, 'For everyone hating on @hollygshore for her arse, even if she has had something done to it how has it got anything to do with you. She doesn't need this negative attention. If your're not going to say nice things about her then why comment? She is a beautiful young woman that deserves all the happiness in the world after what she has been through the last 5 years!'

The negative comments will always be there, but we doubt Holly gives a damn.

Is it summer yet?!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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