WATCH: David Beckham Teaches Daughter Harper How To Drive

Doting dad David Beckham has just shared a video to his Instagram followers, showing his 6-year-old daughter, Harper, driving his posh car...

The footballer was giving his little girl a driving lesson, but assured his fans that it was only on the family driveway, not actually on the roads. Thank goodness for that...

It seems like Harper has had quite a bit of practice, as the young girl took to the wheel like a pro, telling her dad exactly what she was doing as she sat on his knee.

Despite his cautious caption, David has still faced criticism from some people, with some pointing out that it doesn't appear like they are wearing seat belts.

Credit: Instagram/Victoria Beckham
Credit: Instagram/Victoria Beckham

This is not the only time that the celebrity dad has let his youngest drive his car. Well, should we say, golf buggy.

Back in January, Harper's mama, Victoria Beckham, shared a similar clip showing her daughter sat on David's knee, while taking him on a spin round a golf course...

The video was shared on the fashion designer's official Instagram page, with the caption: "Someone loves her daddy! #drivingmissharper kisses x @davidbeckham."

And as soon as the upload was posted, it sparked a fierce debate over whether Harper should be 'taking control' of a vehicle at such a young age.

Clearly feeling cynical, one user slammed: "I think you knew this video would be controversial!"

"It's dangerous and not a good example for others who don't have their privilege of being in a private place to do whatever they want," chimed in another follower.

And another blasted: "So dangerous."

Credit: Instagram/Victoria Beckham
Credit: Instagram/Victoria Beckham

"OMG !! This is upsetting people ??!! What Father has never done this with their kids and this is just a golf cart !! Parents have done it with real cars in the streets !!!What a joke these people are!! Just jealous I believe!" fired back a Beckham family fan.

While another person announced: "I remember my Dad doing this with me in a car," announced one person.

"Nothing wrong with that, he's her dad in the open has his arms and hands around her holding her safe!" exclaimed somebody else.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/David Beckham

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