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X Factor Hopeful Spencer Sutherland Has A Secret Hollywood Actress Girlfriend

Ever since The X Factor has come back on our screens, it's provided us with tons of entertainment.

Like Sunday night's episode, for example. I'm just gonna throw it out there, can you believe Louis made that poor bloke with the crutches walk back and forth on stage, just to bring him back again?! Bit savage if you ask me, but I do see the entertainment value.

Almost as entertaining as when Nicole Scherzinger had a bit of a diva moment a few years back...


Credit: ITV The X Factor

One contestant whose caused quite a bit of controversy since he started is Spencer Sutherland. Fans are a bit miffed at him because he's on the UK version of the singing show, when he's actually from Ohio.

I accidentally fell in love with him when I was watching on Sunday, and so did a few other people on Twitter, but alas our feelings are void. Spencer has a girlfriend, and she's also quite well known in the acting world.

Spencer's apparently dating Madison Iseman, who is currently starring as Billy Rae Cyrus' daughter in TV Show, Still The Kings. She also played Bethany in the 2017 remake of Jumanji. If you haven't seen the show, take a look here.


It's got Miley Cyrus' dad in it, so it may give you the same weird Hannah Montana vibe it gives me...

Credit: CMT

The 20-year-old actress can be seen all over her social media supporting her contestant boyfriend

Happy birthday to my other half :balloon: I love you a lot!!!
A post shared by Madison Iseman (@madisoniseman) on

Now we just have to wait for the weekend to see if Spencer will make it through the judges' houses.

Considering how confused Louis was with last Sunday's show, it's anyone's guess.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter / ITV The X Factor

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