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Little Mix's Jesy Nelson Apparently Wants To Launch Hollywood Career

Not many people know this, but Little Mix's Jesy Nelson once dabbled in acting before she hit the big-time with the girl-band on The X Factor.

She actually appeared in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, as one of the extras in the background of the Yule Ball scene.


While she's currently back in the studio with the girls recording their fifth studio album, but apparently Jesy has her sights on something else for this year, and wants to follow in Harry Style's footsteps and crack Hollywood.

Considering her multiple roles in the past, she wont have much trouble getting back into the swing of things, and it's been reported that Harry has actually been 'spurring her on' about going back to her roots.

Credit: Warner BrosCredit: Warner Bros

A source told The Sun Online: "Jesy was in a few movies when she was little, and acting is something that she has always dreamed of pursuing.

"She was impressed with the way Harry managed to make his mark on the film world, and would love to be cast in a blockbuster of her own.

"So recently she has been looking for an acting agent to help her get a foot in the door."


Credit: Instagram Credit: Instagram

However, while the girls can actively try other projects while still in the band (we all remember when Jade Thirlwall was short-listed to play Princess Jasmine in the new Aladdin remake), she won't be letting any of her acting goals interfere with the band and their future.

The source went on to say: "The girls have an agreement in place that anything to do with Little Mix will always come first for them,"

"The band is 100 per cent their priority. Any possible acting jobs for Jesy in future would have to fit around their plans."

Credit: InstagramCredit: Instagram

Jade posted a picture that the girls had already completed the first song on their latest record, so Jesy will have to start looking for small projects as after the album is finished, it's likely the girls will be off on another tour to promote the material.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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