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Ed Sheeran Thanks Parents When Accepting Grammy, Camera Pans To Totally Random Couple

Monday night marked another significant moment in Ed Sheeran's career when his song, 'Thinking Out Loud', picked up two Grammys for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance, the first awards of their kind that the 25-year-old has won.

And as many artists are prone to do, the singer decided to thank his parents in his acceptance speech for Best Song:


My parents have flown out to the Grammys for the last four years and every year they say 'maybe next year. If you would have told my 11-year-old, five-year-old self that I would be receiving an award from Stevie Wonder I would have been shocked - so thank you very much.

But the programme's producers clearly hadn't done their research because the camera then cutaway to show a random middle-aged couple rather than Sheeran's actual mum and dad.

And, as you'd expect, Twitter noticed the mistake and really rather enjoyed it:


Sheeran's representative told the Daily Mail that they were unaware of what had happened, but did say that his parents were at the awards.

A CBS representative also told the Daily Mail that the live format of the Grammys means that 'human error' can occur, but were unable to say who the people mistaken for the singer's parents were. Either way, it made for some pretty amusing TV...

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