It's not very often that Holly Willoughby loses her cool on This Morning, but when the topic of conversation is something she clearly cares deeply about, she's not afraid to speak her mind.

Speaking to Sunday Telegraph columnist Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, who has appeared on the daytime TV show discussing why she signed an open letter attacking the #MeToo movement. For those of you who aren't up to speed, the movement is a campaign bringing together victims of sexual harrassment, sparked by recent allegations that have emerged in the media...

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During the discussion, Anne stated that she felt that men should be "free to hit on women".

She argued: "I should be able to tell a man by myself, 'please do not do that again', and if you're not my boss, I don't think you should be vilified on social media or lose your job. Human relationships are all about trial and error.

"There have been things said that to me, are worse, because you know, parties in the 1980s where people are gay in a time that it wasn't so acceptable..."

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Holly then appeared to get visibly angry, and hit back at Anne saying that she didn't believe that was a good enough defence.

Anne then claimed that she was supportive when it came to sexual harrassment in the work place, as it should be forbidden, to which Phillip interjected by saying: "As opposed to sexual harassment in a bar?"

They were using the example of actor Kevin Spacey's current allegations made by actor Anthony Rapp, who claimed Spacey made a sexual advance towards him when he was 14-years-old.

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Phillip then asked Moutet to clarify her opinion on the matter after she has previously said that even if it does come out that some of the allegations are true, Spacey shoudn't be forced to "hide in a corridor and lose his livelihood".

She said: "Of course it's not acceptable, it's also not criminal. The idea that so many women are weak, I don't like this at all.

"I believe in the legal process and he hasn't been found guilty. that was a party when he was 26."

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