Stephanie Davis has had a quite tumultuous couple of years. Since she left Hollyoaks and went on Celebrity Big Brother, her life has changed quite substantially.

For those of you who don't remember, she fell in love with model, Jeremy McConnell in the house whilst she was dating Sam Reece, and they went on to have son, Caben-Albi

And whilst 'Steph and Jez' couldn't quite make things work in their relationship, there's no denying that they have created a pretty gorgeous child.

Stephanie can be seen all over her Instagram doting over her son, and has really committed to becoming a full-time mother.

But while being a full time mum can be a bit time-consuming, it doesn't stop people from meeting anyone else and hanging out with friends.

According to The Sun, Stephanie has been hanging out with a new man, and he's now 'outed' as Ricky Rayment from TOWIE.

For those of you who have watched Geordie Shore, you'll remember Ricky from his 'romantic' proposal to girlfriend, Marnie Simpson when they were all filming abroad...

Credit: Geordie Shore MTV

I don't know about you, but does anyone else remember feeling awkward AF after watching that? Especially when she leaves him hanging for what feels like an eternity after he asks her to marry him. You can definitely see why this relationship didn't end up going the distance.

Eagle-eyed fans have been quick to notice that Steph and Ricky have both been liking one another's pictures on social media, and while Steph has been on holiday in Sweden, he's beeing sending her all kinds of 'heart emojis' and flirty exchanges.

Who knows. Maybe they are together, or maybe they aren't. As long as they're happy that's the main thing.

Just please God, Ricky, no more awkward proposals on telly.

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