Earlier today, we thought Stephanie Davis' bestie had announced the birth of her baby and we did a little dance in the office because, let's be honest, it feels like it's been the longest pregnancy in showbiz history.

However, it turns out the little fella is still very much unborn and we rejoiced too soon.

Speaking exclusively to OK! her manager confirmed that she was still expecting:

Stephanie Davis has categorically not given birth.

But surely it's got to be any minute now, right?

Well, we've done a little bit of thinking and worked out a rough estimate as to when we can expect the little bundle of joy.

Steph announced that she was pregnant on the 23rd of May last year and considering that pregnancy symptoms first become noticeable around 4 weeks in, if we presume Stephanie picked up the pregnancy as early as possible, she must have been pregnant for about 8 and a half months now.

With that in mind we should probably expect the baby sometime around the 23rd of January, but that could be very different depending on various factors.

We won't know until we know, but boy are we excited! Fingers crossed for some more concrete news soon!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

Jack Rear

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