If you watch KUWTK, you'll know ALL about the drama surrounding Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian over the years.

The very first episode of KUWTK shows Kris Jenner worried that Scott had 'cheated' on her daughter, and since then his well documented troubles with alcohol and substance addictions have plagued the family.


For many years, fans were convinced the couple would re-unite, but now the pair seem to have moved on with respective partners and put the drama behind them. Or have they?

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According to a a source spoke to In Touch Weekly, the father-of-three has claimed he isn't sure that he truly is youngest son Reign's true father for multiple reasons, and has reportedly asked the mother of his children for a DNA test - which she's 'refusing' to do.

The source said: "Reign was conceived when Kourtney and Scott were going through a rough patch. At the time, Scott didn't question whether he was the father, but that soon changed. It didn't take long for Scott to start having doubts as to whether Reign is actually his child."


According to an insider, while Penelope and Mason clearly look like their father it gets 'under his skin' that Reign is said to not resemble him, and looks more like his mother.

The source also said: "There were countless times when they'd split up and not see each other for weeks. And whenever they had a huge argument, Kourtney went out of her way to see revenge. She'd often party with pals and close guy friends."

Talking about Kourtney's response to the claims, the source said: "She outright denied [that Reign could be someone else's]. During the heated bust-up, Scott brought up doing a DNA test. Kourtney said no, which has only heightened his suspicions."

Both Kourtney and Scott have yet to publicly discuss the situation themselves, but I'm sure it'll definitely be covered on KUWTK at some point or another. We'll just have to wait for Season 15 to see if it all pans out.

Katey Roberts

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